1987: Black friday tornado

The Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society was instrumental in spear heading the relief effort in the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit Alberta. With the help of Edmontonians the EERSS was able to provide necessities such as Food, Clothing, Toiletries, Housewares, & Furniture. 

1997: Manitoba floods

The EERSS with the help of Albertan's sent relief supplies to those affected by the Manitoba floods.

2011: Slave lake fire

The EERSS was called upon by the Alberta Government at the time to spear head the relief effort, and with the help of generous Albertan's managed to fill an Airport hangar full of donations of Food, Clothing, Toiletries, Housewares, & Furniture.

2013: southern alberta floods

The EERSS with the help of generous Albertan's sent 3 semi truck trailers full of donation to Calgary to assist residents of Southern Alberta affected by the flooding.

2016: fort macmurray fire

The EERSS worked in collaboration with both the City of Edmonton & the Alberta Government to lead the relief effort. What started out as sending the bare necessities to evacuees pouring into the Northlands Convention Centre, turned into 2 Airport Hangars, and several warehouses full of donation from not just Alberta but from all over the world as far away as China!  Eventually the Provincial Govvernment along side ADRA took over the collection and distribution of all donation.