In 1986 a small group of tightly knit friends and neighbors banded together to respond to a tragic house fire. The group put the call out for donations to the local news and papers and within hours of the story airing donations from all over Edmonton started to pour in. It wasn't long before the group was inundated and overwhelmed with sheer volume of donations that had come in. With their houses and garages full from floor to ceiling the group sat down in those following days and founded what is now today the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society.

Even today we carry on that tradition of being a small tightly knit group of friends and neighbors coming together to help this great city and province whenever the people may need us.

Our mandate (as listed below "Mission Statement") is to help victims of Fire & Disaster pick up the pieces after suffering such a life altering event. Specifically we aid them by providing the victims with some of their basic needs such as: Toiletries, pillows, blankets, clothing, furniture, small appliances, etc.  

We as a group have been committed to helping our community since 1986 and will continue to help our community for many more years to come!

Mission statement

1.) To provide emergency goods and services to victims of residential fire or disaster and to all levels of government when required.

2.) To provide goods and services to other agencies as needed.

3.) To provide information and referral services to persons in need.

4.) To operate a Thrift Store that accommodates poverty and low income peoples




Helping local fire and disaster victims who are not insured with the basic needs such as toiletries, clothing, household items, and furniture (when available) at no cost.


2.) community relief program:

We are working in conjunction with 32 other agencies in our community via referral system to help with special circumstance cases, working poor, and the homeless, with access to basic necessities at no cost.


3.) blanket alberta in warmth program:

Blankets are collected during our annual campaign which currently starts in late fall. Blankets are then distributed to our clients, other organizations such as street vans and local warming shelters.


4.) New comers program:

In partnership with other organizations, we supply new comer families with a basic package to help start their new lives in Canada at no cost


5.) toys & trimmings program:

New toys are collected throughout the year and given to children who have lost all their toys due to fire, or special circumstance.


6.) REINTEGRATING to society program:

We offer a safe (Volunteer based) working environment for individuals coming from agencies that work with family violence and addictions, giving them self-confidence and purpose. 


7.) clothing bank program:

Items of clothing, shoes, etc...are made free to individuals in need, such as homeless, and the working poor.


8.) community service program:

We offer individuals a place to volunteer and work off thier community service hours.