mission statement

1.) To provide emergency goods and services to victims of residential fire or disaster and to all levels of government when required.

2.) To provide goods and services to other agencies as needed.

3.) To provide information and referral services to persons in need.

4.) To operate a Thrift Store that accommodates poverty and low income peoples. 

                     Black Friday Tornado - 1987

                     Black Friday Tornado - 1987

What We've Achieved

  • Lead the relief effort during the 1987 Black Friday tornado.
  • Assisted with relief efforts during the Manitoba floods of 97'.
  • Sent 3 semi trucks worth of donated goods and supplies to Calgary during the 2013 southern Alberta floods.
  • Lead and coordinated the early relief effort during the Fort McMurray fire, helping approximately 72,000 New individuals and 16,000 returning individuals.
  • Lead the Provincial wide relief effort and provided 1 municipal airport hangar, and 2 full warehouses of relief goods, to the victims of the 2011 Slave Lake fires.
  • Annually collect thousands of blankets for Edmonton's homeless & low income communities.