Who we are


The Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society (EERSS) was first established in 1986 in response to a tragic house fire. We are a small group of people dedicated to serving victims of fire and disaster by helping them with the basic supplies, such as household necessities, and furniture. All services are provided at no cost to the people in need. 


Who we help 

Each month the EERSS assists countless families & people in need by providing them with basic supplies, household necessities, furniture & support. Who we help:

  • Victims of fire, disaster, the working poor, & low income families
  • Poor and isolated communities around Alberta
  • Organizations, schools, churches, & agencies in and around our community

There are many freezing, cold nights in the winter and during these nights it is the homeless people in Edmonton that suffer the most. Volunteers and staff of the EERSS go out on many of these nights to hand out winter clothing and warm blankets to the homeless.



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